Our Story.

My name is Alexandra Kurta and I make these Marbella Dishes by hand. I am a photographer with a background in industrial design, and between all the little (and not so little) art projects I take on, traveling to far off destinations, and even just plain old housework, I found that my engagement ring spent almost as much time off my hand as it did on! 

Each time I took my ring off and put it “somewhere safe” or “somewhere I’ll remember” I felt like it was a huge disservice to something so meaningful to me - after all, I was taking it off to protect it, not to hide it away. I wanted somewhere to put my ring (and eventually my other jewelry and trinkets) that wouldn’t feel like I was just shoving it away in a drawer. I wanted something that could sit out on a table and not only show my appreciation for my treasures, but also add to the overall appearance of my home - so I made my first Marbella Dishes!

I made one for my office desk, one for my coffee table at home, one for my bedroom, and even one that I keep on my kitchen counter. Any time someone would come over and see these little dishes they’d ask where they could get one, and I even started using them in my photography to showcase other brides’ jewelry on their wedding day! After enough one-off creations for friends and family, I decided to start making more and offering them to anyone who wants to showcase their most precious possessions - and not feel bad about taking off their ring to do the dishes. I sincerely hope your Marbella Dish will bring you (and your treasures) as much joy as mine have brought me!


Handmade Truly Unique Trinket Dishes.


I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Spring 2017 Collection of the Marbella Dish. We have twenty one different colors to choose from. Within those options there are a few different edge detail options: natural rounded, gold, or white.

If there is a color that you would like to have that you don't see here, please get in touch with us! We may decide to include it in our next collection, or we do offer the option to purchase a custom color collection.

For wholesale options please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Each dish is handmade and is therefore one-of-a-kind. The dish you receive will be from the same production batch as those pictured to ensure only slight variations in pattern and color are present, but it will not be identical to those pictured.

Since each dish is carefully handcrafted there is a slight variation in shape and size. On average the dishes are 1/8" thick and 3.75" in diameter.  The dishes are made of a polymer clay, which is a lightweight material, and on average weigh 1.3 oz.

The polymer clay material is non-toxic, but is not FDA-approved for food safety. We recommend only using these dishes to store things you don't eat.